Monday, May 18, 2009

Welcome to IOWA

I don't really know what to say about Iowa, other than I'm already heading out to DC for two weeks. When I told Camie that it would be for two weeks she warned me that she would be working a lot while I was there, my response was that is can't be any worse than being here all day alone. At least while I'm in DC there are sites, although we do have the Quaker Oats Factory in town that often smell of Urine. It really is something else! Utah's never looked so great, its a good thing this is only temporary. Well we'll post some pictures of our adventures here soon.

Also Ella has been so great out here and she really does get cuter everyday, she has started cooing and making all kinds of noises that I am sure no other baby has ever done. Well that's our life for now.

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  1. Hey how are you guys doing? Are you living in Iowa now? We miss having you as our neighbors! Hope all is well