Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Two Years Later

Two years ago today I married the woman of my dreams! Megan you have been the greatest blessing in my life and I thank you for being such a fantastic support and friend. When we first met I wanted to get to know you because you were a "hottie" :) After giving each other pedicures on our first date I never wanted to leave your side. When I sat next to you in the San Diego temple I knew I would spend the rest of my life with you. It has been a fun ride. Our first summer in Denver was crazy, all work and no play! I realized that summer the STRENGTH you have as a companion. Few wives would support the stress and frustration that came with that summer...thank you! Remember Europe?? I can't get enough!! That was so fun! That was the trip that made me realize how HUMBLE you are and unmaterialistic....Baggettes and Cheese for two weeks, are you serious? You didnt even care that McDonalds was our best meal there...I love that about you! Bon Losee was a trip right? Seeing you interact with the people at Wasatch Audiology and Bon Losee taught me how I should be with people. Your patients at Wasatch loved you. The INFLUENCE of good that you have in everyones life has taught me to focus on others more than myself. I love that you are willing to have FUN regardless of the price (The time we went snowboarding...I say no more) The time you bought Wendy's for the transient outside the Walmart was the time you taught me that KINDNESS will change peoples lives for good regardless of circumstances. Your sustained focus at every job you have ever had has taught me the importance of EXCELLENCE in everything we do. Since we had Ella I have watched you as a mother. The way you care for her and show her LOVE has given me a greater understanding of parenthood. I cannot express to you the love and joy that you girls have brought into my life. I didnt believe I could love you any more than I already did but since having Ella the feelings I have for you have grown deeper and stornger. After my mission I never thought I would learn as much in two years as I did during my mission but these last two have proven to be the best two years of my life. Thank you for two fabulous years of life and marriage. I love you!

Happy Anniversary,

Love Vince

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