Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weston turns 2!

March 1oth 2009 Weston our Silky Poo and our first pet child celebrated his second birthday. Poor guy has been replaced by Ella so we tried to make it a really special day for him. It was very exciting we took him for a special walk and played in the snow with his good friend Oki. We sang happy birthday and gave him that wet gross smelling dog food with 2 candles in it. He went to town on it, he acted like he had never eaten before in his life...his mug was all crusty afterward and smelled terrible, but it was well worth his excitement. We also gave him some meat filled bone and had to take it away after a few bites for fear of a bad stomach ache or the poops. He kept whining for it and sniffing around everywhere to find it. It was great fun. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WES WE LOVE YOU!

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  1. Happy Birthday Wes! I almost like you a little. Which is a lot for me to a dog.