Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ella is growing

She has been with us now for 3 weeks and 1 day. She is the light of our life and she is most definitely the love of Vince's life. I love to see him with her, his patience and love towards her is so amazing. I knew he would be the best Dad but he has truly surpassed any expectations I had. We are a great team, Vince works four days a week for 10 hrs so I get to do 4 nights a week with Ella and Vince takes the other 3. It works out nicely for the both of us, I can get some sleep and he gets to spend extra time with El. Although if any of you know Vince you know that at times when he is awoken from a deep sleep he is not the most coherent person. The other night he woke up and had no idea what was going on, he picked up the baby and was about to leave the room with her to make her bottle so I thought. He got to the door and turned around and asked me who's turn is it? I asked him what he meant and he said who am I taking her to? I said no one, you're going to feed her. Well this went back and forth for a while so I ended up with that shift and sent Vince back to bed, who knows where he would have taken my daughter! It was pretty funny. So other than the occasional mind loss he's perfect!


  1. She is so cute and little. I love blogging it is a fun way to see in detail the everyday events that happen in our lives. Also what is cool is that you can have it all made into a book. What a great journal. If you want to see my blog just click on my name and it should link you to my site.

  2. Megan she is beautiful!!! This is Facie. Congratulations. You guys make such a cute family.

  3. Oh our blog is - Facie

  4. Oh my Heck!!! You guys have a baby! And she's Beautiful... not that I would expect anything less (you guys are pretty much one of the cutest couples ever!) Thats soo cool! I'm so sorry that I haven't written I started 2 letters to you both and yeah... being on a mission has not helped my writing letters skills. I do miss you guys though and pray for you and hope that everything is great and wonderful. You both are amazing and I miss you tons!! write me if you have time:
    LOVE YOU!!!! ~Moniquita